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A Touch from the Past

A podcast that is one part history and one part spooky.

Cohost Clark Canez and Jen Curcio explore the history and ghost stories inside a variety of buildings and often find that history is scarier than any haunting.

Jan 24, 2020

There’s a very common misconception that Los Angeles is too new to have any viable history. That is simply untrue.

In episode 6, we explore the now boarded-up Cecil Hotel in downtown LA. An elegant hotel that was built to host the richest clientele…right before the Great Depression. It quickly became a haven for drifters and the last residence of the Original Night Stalker and ghostly looking creep, Richard Ramirez.

As of late, it is associated with one of the most bizarre unsolved mysteries, the Elisa Lam case.

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Hosted by Clark Canez and Jen Curcio