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A Touch from the Past

A podcast that is one part history and one part spooky.

Cohost Clark Canez and Jen Curcio explore the history and ghost stories inside a variety of buildings and often find that history is scarier than any haunting.

Jun 12, 2020

We posted on the socials, asking where YOU wanted US to go and explore and a lot of people wanted to hear about The Greek Theater. Clark Canez and Jen Curcio listened and promptly hiked up to the Greek. Opened in 1931 and funded by the last bit of Griffith J. Griffith's fortune, OF COURSE, THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED. 

The Greek Theater is the much-beloved concert venue to a lot of Angeleno's and it's also built on cursed land. We have some dark history and spooky specters to talk about this week. 

As always, we love hearing from you about your experiences at the places we talk about and we want to know where you want us to go. So please email us at or follow us on IG and Twitter. 


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