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A Touch from the Past

A podcast that is one part history and one part spooky.

Cohost Clark Canez and Jen Curcio explore the history and ghost stories inside a variety of buildings and often find that history is scarier than any haunting.

Aug 7, 2020

We had the pleasure of getting scared by TV and radio’s Alexander Rodriguez, the host of “On the Rocks with Alexander: Where Celebrities and Cocktails Mix” and boy did he have a terrifying tale of a haunted house on Mulholland Drive to share! Jen had tears for fears streaming from her eyes after hearing about the aggressive presence in the basement of the house that was once closed off with concrete. What were they trying to keep in?!? And why do the scariest things always happen between 3:00 and 4:00 AM?!? 

Every culture has a variation of an apparition or a shadow figure that brings on sleep paralysis. We discuss these terrifying presences and the one that paralyzes Alexander every six months. 

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