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A Touch from the Past

A podcast that is one part history and one part spooky.

Cohost Clark Canez and Jen Curcio explore the history and ghost stories inside a variety of buildings and often find that history is scarier than any haunting.

Oct 10, 2021

Hold on tight as This week Jen and Clark talk about The St. Francis Dam disaster. The dam that was supposed to give life to Los Angeles quite literally washed away communities and spelled doom for hundreds as it ripped through the Los Angeles area in 1928. Hear all the details on this week's episode of A Touch From...

Sep 10, 2021

Aaaand we are back! And we're talking about JPL's satanic beginnings. Jack Parsons, the godfather of rocket science himself, was deeply involved with Aleister Crowley's Church of Satan. Jack was so intertwined with the group that the church did rituals in his Pasadena mansion where JPL was started. 

Thank you for...

Mar 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re releasing this episode a little early because we’re talking about our hometown urban legends and Jen Curcio talks about the haunted Twin Tunnels of Downingtown, PA, which was built by Irish railroad workers who died while working and were then buried in a nearby mass grave....

Oct 31, 2019

The Victorian era was a Goth's dream. Mourning was a competition and wearing black 24/7/365 was what you did. People really stewed in their sadness and creepy dolls were too common.

Join cohosts Clark Canez and Jen Curcio as they learn about daguerreotype death photos and the mourning rituals of the Victorian era. Too...